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Trips at camp enhance the experience and while some are included in our regular program on a weekly basis, there are also additional cost trips (indicated with an *) that are optional for campers. Campers can sign up for trips when they register, at any time before camp, and during their stay at camp. Extra cost trips are always charged with guardian permission. Campers can switch in or out of a trip up to 24 hours before the trip departs, although we prefer they make a decision a little earlier than that! Parents often have questions about which trip to sign up for, and we are always happy to answer. Give us a call, or send an email. 
It is important to note that while trips are excellent, and enhance the campers experience and help them see more of Maine, we do not recommend campers sign up for more than one additional cost trip for a 2 week session, or two extra cost trips for a 4 week session. Days at camp are precious, and we want campers to make the most of them!

White Water Rafting in Maine*
Day at the Beach
Portland Headlight and Picnic
Funtown/Splashtown USA
Freeport, Maine Shopping Outlets*
Best of Boston, MA*

Community Service
Best of Portland, ME*

Hiking in Maine and NH
Rock Climbing in New Hampshire*

Please inquire if your camper would like to join in the fun of trips and if you have questions.  You can pre-register your camper for trips here.


Trips at Camp

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