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Land Sports


Our full size, lighted court allows campers to shoot hoops day and night! Whether you are an advanced team player, or a beginner who wants to learn the basics, there is a place for you on our court!


Soccer (football) is very popular with all of our campers — bridging international and American teens. We are able to offer both high-level of play for the competitive player, and instructional beginner level drills for those who are just starting to play the worlds’ most popular sport. MTC often hosts or travels to other camps for games and tournaments.


Our beach sand court located in the center of camp is always open for play! Our skilled and experienced instructors can teach you the basics of passing and volleying or the advanced team drills, spiking, and blocking of the game.

Personal Fitness and Conditioning

At MTC, we appreciate our campers’ desire to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle while at camp. We take steps to provide campers with the option to take part in our conditioning programs including our cardiovascular workouts with our aerobic staff and running classes with our trainers for the more ambitious! Work on a healthy metabolism with our weight training instructors who offer both individualized female and male classes devoted to developing a beginner’s program suited to you! Our facility is ample to get you started safely and gives you the knowledge you need to begin a lifelong healthy habit.


For more information on our amazing tennis program please head to:

High Ropes Adventure Course & Climbing Wall

Rise to a challenge! Campers start with the fundamentals of trust and progress to the ultimate challenge of climbing our “spider web” to the high ropes and jumping from our 50 foot zip-platform high in the tall pines!

Our ropes course stresses individual accomplishment through the support of peers while teaching the importance of safety at all times. For those who complete the entire course, a ride down from our zip-platform is quite an achievement!

Our 40-foot climbing wall will challenge experienced and beginner climbers alike. Test your climbing ability and nerve, aim for the top, and then enjoy the rappel down the far side!

Mountain Biking

Campers explore the backwoods and trails of Maine, offering scenic rural trails and rustic country paths for both the beginner and advanced biker. We have plenty of high-quality mountain bikes and all the safety equipment needed to give riders the ability to take to the trails! Our seasoned and experienced riders teach everything from basic riding techniques and safety to maintenance and repair.

Other Sports, Fitness Activities and Games

MTC also has regularly scheduled sessions of other physical activities. All are designed to be inclusive of campers of all ages and abilities.

  • Yoga

  • Martial Arts and Self Defense

  • Softball

  • Ultimate Frisbee and Frolf (Frisbee Golf)

  • Lacrosse and Field Hockey

  • Flag Football

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