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Maine Teen Camp has an extremely popular music program. We offer instruction in all forms of contemporary music so that you can learn everything from basic to advanced guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. Our bands often perform at our Talent Shows and you can always hear someone practicing in one of our studios or outside in the sunshine. Our modern recording studio is equipped with high-quality mixers, digital recorders, sequencers, compressors, effects units, samplers, sophisticated software, synthesizers, and Apple Mac computers. Although some campers bring their own equipment, we have all the instruments you will need!


Dreamt of being a rockstar?! Our band program gives campers the opportunity to join other musicians in exploring music and playing a variety of genres. Leading up to our live band showcase, the bands work through a set list of their own choosing, fine tuning their performances to play live on stage in front of all their friends.


If the Ukulele doesn’t seem like enough strings, why not pick up guitar? Guitar may seem complicated but with our talented music staff you can learn to play all styles of guitar whether that be classical, jazz, metal or your favourite pop song. And if you want less strings and an even bigger instrument, we’ll teach you bass instead! Tuition for guitar and bass is for beginners right through to advanced and covers music theory for those really wanting to get to grips with the instrument.


Step into the vocal studio where you can learn everything from proper vocal warm-ups, to music theory and the methods behind singing including confidence building, breathing techniques and performance techniques. Everything you’ll need to perform solo at one of our various talent shows or front a band and release your inner star.


Whether a complete beginner or an advanced player, our drum program provides a tailor made package to help campers learn the basics of drums and to progress their skills using a variety of acoustic and electronic drum kits. More advanced players can receive tuition in a particular area or take their playing to the next level by enrolling into our band program to rock out alongside some of their fellow campers.


“Well, I used to play piano” is a common refrain heard in the MTC music studios. Maybe you took lessons as a kid, or were taught by a parent, and now don’t have time or interest to keep playing. Let the MTC music staff rekindle your musical interests – beginners and intermediates players can take lessons, and all players are invited to join a band or maybe a songwriting class. Practice time in acoustic or electric pianos, or on keyboards, is available by request for players who need to keep practicing over the summer.


If you’ve never played a musical instrument before you won’t find a friendlier starting point than the ukulele! Being small in size it’s one of the least intimidating instruments around and very easy to learn, you’ll be playing songs at the campfire before you know it. There is ukulele tuition for both beginners and more advanced players looking for a challenge, plus the chance to form ukulele groups. Give ukulele a try, you’ll uku-love it!


Learn how to compose music and pen your own lyrics in one of our songwriting classes. The peaceful surroundings of Maine are the ideal setting to sit down, relax and get your thoughts and feelings down on paper. Once you have written your hit song about the summer of a lifetime, then the next step is to head into the recording studio! Here you can make a professional copy of your song to share with friends and family at home, the original song will also go on to MTC’s very own record label website. Don’t miss out on performing your song to your new camp friends at one of our talent shows before you leave…You never know, you may even write the next summer hit!

Music Production

Have you always wanted to produce your own music? Music production aims to get you acquainted with music software used by professionals all over the world. Learn how to record musical ideas and perhaps be the next Charlie Puth! Whether you’re a complete beginner or a production guru, our music production staff will help you and your music be the best it can possibly be.

Empty Sea Music

We have our own music label, Empty Sea Music, and we produce our own compilation CD with original music. Find out more about our record label.

And be sure to check out the Facebook Empty Sea Music fan page on Facebook.

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