What do we look for in our staff? What makes a good applicant?

- Able to demonstrate a strong and sincere desire to work with teens from diverse backgrounds.

- Able to provide previous work experience and be willing to learn leadership.

- Able to embrace differences, maintain resilience and adaptability, enjoy flexible and constantly changing work, and be ready to step out of your comfort zone. 

- Values of fairness, tolerance, compassion, and patience.

- Dedicated and committed to the job as a meaningful experience. - - Great sense of humor, playfulness, enjoyment of "the random", and willingness to be fun and responsible at the same time. 


General staff should have had at least one year of post-secondary education and have some skills that can be used in our camp activity program schedule.  They should also be available full time to live at camp from approximately mid June to mid August, with the exception of support or healthcare staff.

As we have every facet of a community, we hire camp counselors, instructors, nurses and healthcare professionals, kitchen personnel, housekeepers, and maintenance positions.

Complete background and reference checks are a part of the hiring process. 

Salaries are very competitive with industry standards, with new camp counselors starting in range of $2400-2700.00. 

Mandatory staff training is 10 days in June.  Staff are provided a staff training handbook prior to their arrival date.

Questions are always welcome and can be directed to Nicky Martin, Assistant Director: nicky@teencamp.com.

The application process

  1. You have completed at least one year of post-secondary education.

  2. You must be available for employment from approximately mid-June to mid-August.

  3. You have submitted a complete Staff Application online.

  4. If a US citizen/resident, you have submitted the Maine Teen Camp Staff Declaration and Staff Disclosure. If you are applying online, these are submitted at the time of application. If you are outside the US, contact us directly for additional work visa information.

  5. You have submitted 3 standard Staff Reference forms (through the Google Forms link here).


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Useful Forms

Forms are also available in pdf format:

Staff Declaration

Staff Disclosure