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Oooh, that's new, and other fun stuff for 2024

There is a lot happening at 481 Brownfield Rd this off-season, in preparation for summer 2024. We're very pleased with the amount of improvements we have been able to invest in, and as long as the weather cooperates, you'll be seeing some really cool stuff on arrival day this summer.

  • A brand new, 2600 sq ft, winterized health center. The old infirmary at camp was over 100 years old, and sadly, it showed. We demolished it last fall, and have been hard at work building our new, energy efficient, accessible health center. It will also serve as accommodation for MTC's year round staff. Pictures coming soon.

  • 2 New Malibu Response Txi Ski/Wake boats. After both of our beloved ski boats broke down on the same day during the last activity week of the summer in 2023, we bid a fond adieu to our old boats, and welcomed in 2 new Malibu's. These boats are pretty state of the art, offer significant fuel economy improvements, and best of all, are still under warranty. (Pictured above. Obviously that's not a health center... Though I think it will help my blood pressure...)

  • New and improved staff facilities - a redesigned staff lounge, as well as a staff meditation dock to improve staff experience and retention.

  • New docks and decks. You'll notice some big changes to the fitness studio/tennis pro-shop, as well as new docks on Trafton Pond.

  • A refreshed and reorganized main office. Visitors to camp will find the office to be much better organized, with freshly finished floors, and a more camper friendly lay out.

We also have some great staff updates to share

  • Dillo Williams is returning to the MTC Tennis Program, after spending several years away running the tennis program at the prestigious Curtain Bluff Resort in Antigua. Dillo will be joining the great tennis staff led by the legendary Nigel Anthony. Anyone who knows MTC knows Nigel, and anyone who knows tennis understands that Nigel and his staff run the best tennis program in the North East. Campers who have tried other, specialty tennis programs are shocked by how much better MTC's tennis is. (The legend himself, Nigel, pictured teaching).

  • Speaking of amazing programming. Our music department goes from strength to strength, with the addition this year of Noah Jarrett to our world class music staff. Noah joins our returning music staff Ajay Henry and Sean Satin as professional instructors teaching at the college level. Our Head of Department, Eli Ellis, returning for his 3rd summer, will have his award winning music production skills put to good use by all the talent this incredible music staff will unearth among campers.

  • Finally, we are super excited to announce that two camp alumni, Miranda Larsen (1st summer as staff) and Missy Moran (4th summer) will be joining our kitchen as head and assistant head cook. Overseen by long term kitchen manager Beth Waldrip, our tummys are grumbling in anticipation of all the good stuff these two New Orleans based kitchen gurus are going to be cooking up. Being former campers, they know how important food is to the camp experience, and will be working hard on making the food MTC abundant, appealing, and nutritious.

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